Iron Man's New Hellfire Gala Costume Reverses His Most Controversial Form

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Iron Man gets a brand new costume for the upcoming Hellfire Gala event, which reverses one of his most controversial looks to date.

Iron Man hologram tony stark

Warning! Spoilers for X-Men's Hellfire Gala by Marvel Comics

Tony Stark is trading in his armor for a much more casual look, as Iron Man's 2022 Hellfire Gala costume harkens back to one of his more controversial eras. In new variant cover art by Iban Coello and Jesus Aburtov for Iron Man #21 from Marvel Comics, the hero wears a hologram blazer that reminds readers that he once became an A.I. projection himself in one of the most bizarre storylines for Tony Stark.

In the comics, Iron Man became a hologram after being put in a coma fighting Captain Marvel at the end of Civil War II. While the original Tony Stark was comatose, he transferred his consciousness into armor, which allowed him to mentor Riri William's Ironheart as a hologram projection. Iron Man would remain as the A.I. projection for a considerable amount of time before returning to his physical form. Now, Tony Stark's Hellfire Gala costume is paying tribute to his controversial time away from his body.

In a new cover for Iron Man #21 by Iban Coello and Jesus Aburtov, Tony Stark's Hellfire Gala costume that he will wear at the upcoming X-Men celebration is revealed. While other heroes have gone for bombastic high-fashion ensembles, Iron Man is keeping things much more casual, but in his way. Tony sports a red hologram blazer, with the look being illuminated. The costume features thin sunglasses, and an arc reactor-like watch and belt. The controversial call-back to his time as a hologram shows that Iron Man can be a good sport for his past transformation. Although, his look leaves much to be desired compared to some of the other costumes at the event.

Iron Man Hellfire Gala costume

The X-Men might feel disrespected by Iron Man's casual look. Emma Frost has made it known that the evening is just as much about high-fashion as it is celebrating mutants on Krakoa. Tony Stark showing up in jeans and a shirt, albeit with a hologram blazer, doesn't seem to line up with the dress code for the event. That's not to say Iron Man's Hellfire Gala costume is bad, but the controversial hologram retread look feels like an odd choice for the hero.

It would have been fun to see Iron Man wear a costume to the Hellfire Gala event that made his armor into an extravagant high-fashion ensemble. Instead, Tony Stark is arriving to the event in a look that not only doesn't really match the theme, but makes readers remember one of his most controversial storylines. Iron Man's hologram blazer could turn heads at the event, but not for the reasons he was hoping for. The Stark-starring cover art will appear on the upcoming issue of Iron Man #21 from Marvel Comics.

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