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Spider-Man Mr Fantastic

Spider-Man is a Better Hero Than Reed Richards For One Simple Reason

In a celebration of Spider-Man, Amazing Fantasy #1000 uses Reed Richards' multiversal device to show why Peter Parker is Marvel's greatest hero.

Doctor Doom Reed Richards Smarter - Marvel Comics

Doctor Doom Would Destroy Earth To Prove He's Smarter Than Reed Richards

Dr. Doom is going to great lengths to prove he's smarter than Reed Richards, as he would rather let Earth die on Judgement Day than admit he's smarter

Reed Richards' Long-Lost Sister Is Finally Revealed

The Fantastic Four become the Fantastic Five as Reed Richards' long-lost sister is finally revealed - but she despises her brother for one reason.


Reed Richards Finally Confirms the Real Problem With His Marriage

Reed Richards and Susan Storm of Marvel's Fantastic Four may be a loving couple, but their unstable marriage is far from perfect.

Fantastic FOur new costumes reed richards

New Fantastic Four Costumes Prove Marvel Is Listening to Its Fans

As the Fantastic Four begin a new era as cosmic explorers, stunning Alex Ross art reveals new costumes which answer fans' demands for the team.

Fantastic Four #2 cover by Alex Ross.

Fantastic Four's New Era Promises Marvel's Superhero Star Trek

As the Fantastic Four enter the next era in their history, Marvel is taking the opportunity to put a superhero twist on Star Trek stories.

Tony Stark Reed Richards

Reed Richards Just Proved Tony Stark Is Smarter in One Huge Way

Reed Richards has an amazing scientific mind, but Tony Stark proves at the X-Men Hellfire Gala that he is a quicker and savvier problem solver.

Reed Richards Power Upgrade

Marvel Explains Why the Ultimate Nullifier Didn't Kill Reed Richards

Reed Richards sacrificed himself to finally end the Reckoning War but somehow survived his sacrifice. How? What does it mean for his future?

The Fantastic Four Aren't Superheroes (& Marvel Should Stop Pretending)

If Marvel wants better Fantastic Four stories, it needs to understand that they work best as a family of scientists and explorers, not action heroes.

Doctor Strange illuminati

Doctor Strange's Final Words Confirm Marvel's True Greatest Hero

With his dying words, Doctor Strange named the one Marvel hero he believes will always triumph over any threat, no matter how powerful.

Fantastic Four's Secret Formula Exposes Why the Movies Are So Lifeless

Marvel finally reveals exactly why the famous Fantastic Four Fox films failed: they couldn't see past their own classic but cliched formula.

Marvel Undermines Its Own Trans Representation With Pointless 'Joke'

Franklin Richards's role as a trans allegory has long been contentious in Fantastic Four, but turning it into a joke about his hair color goes too far

Why Reed Richards Is The Worst Friend In The Marvel Universe

Reed Richards is one of the smartest heroes in the Marvel Universe, but the Fantastic Four leader is a horrible friend to the Human Torch.

Marvel Needs to Kill the Fantastic Four to Save Their Legacy

If Marvel Comics really wants to save the Fantastic Four’s legacy and make them successful again, then it should simply kill the team off.

Why She-Hulk's Human Form Is The Worst Secret Identity In The Marvel Universe

She-Hulk can transform into her Hulk form and back again at will - but even while human, a huge weakness will always reveal her true identity.

Iron Man Mr. Fantastic

Iron Man's Reed Richards Criticism Shows Why Marvel Needs Both Heroes

Iron Man's biggest criticism of his fellow Marvel Comics superhero, Reed Richards, proved why the universe needs both geniuses.

fantastic four reed richards mister fantastic

Fantastic Four Shows How Reed Richards' Powers Evolved in His Son

Franklin Richards adopts Mister Fantastic's abilities in a new issue of Fantastic Four, suggesting the origins of his godlike powers.

Spider-Man Mr. Fantastic

Spider-Man Finally Turns Evil... By Copying Reed Richards

Marvel takes Spider-Man to the darkest of places by turning Peter Parker into a diabolical Reed Richards clone - with zero empathy or kindness.

Spider-Man PS4 Fantastic Four Suits

Spider-Man Is Weaponizing His Genius in a Way Reed Richards Never Could

Spider-Man's true genius rivals Reed Richards, but Peter Parker can do what the leader of the Fantastic Four never could: change the world.

Marvel Illuminati Dark Reign

Reed Richards' Darkest Kill Explains Why Not Every Reality Has Illuminati

One of Fantastic Four founder Reed Richards’ darkest moments shows why some Marvel universes don’t have their own versions of the Illuminati.

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