Batman Would Destroy Flash If He Knew How He Treats His Sidekick

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Warning: contains spoilers for The Flash #782!

Although both Batman and the Flash are famous for their sidekicks, the way Wally West is currently treating Kid Flash, aka Wallace West, would leave Bruce Wayne furious. Wally’s tendency to push his sidekick too hard and too fast has burned Batman before, and if he knew, he'd never let it continue.

Wally West has been a speedster since he was a child, so he’s had ample time to master most of Barry Allen’s skills, and for the most part, he has. However, one skill that Wally notoriously struggled with was phasing through walls. In fact, most of Wally’s early attempts to phase through objects ended with said objects exploding. These experiences led him to avoid phasing in general for years, up until recently, when he was finally able to truly master the ability.

In The Flash #782 from Jeremy Adams and Fernando Pasarin, Wally West and Wallace 'Ace' West, the current Kid Flash, break into Iron Heights. After being discovered, they have to phase through a wall to escape. Flash asks Wallace how well he can phase, and when Wallace answers that he can only do it for a couple feet, Wally tells him, “Make sure it’s more. We have to go through that wall!” Wallace is obviously nervous, but Wally responds with, “You’ll be fine. Just keep vibrating until I tell you to stop!” They both successfully phase through the wall with no issues. However, Wallace is initially unable to stop his body from vibrating, clearly showing that even though he possesses the ability to phase, he doesn’t have it completely under control.

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Wally’s move to push Wallace into phasing is incredibly reckless on his part. Not only does he endanger Wallace’s life, he also endangers his own and the lives of every person around them. He should know from his past experiences that phasing is incredibly difficult to master, and thus he should be more lenient with Kid Flash, knowing that he didn’t have phasing mastered at Wallace’s age. On top of that, Wally didn’t truly need Wallace to come with him to investigate the prison in the first place, and Wally absolutely could have found another way out if he chose to look for it. Instead, he decides to force Wallace into using an ability he clearly isn’t ready to use and brushes off Wallace’s valid concerns about the possibly explosive consequences.

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Batman has lost multiple Robins, and each loss has broken his heart a little more. In the cases of heroes like Jason Todd and Stephanie Brown, their deaths came as a direct result of them taking on challenges that were beyond their abilities and experience. As a result, to avoid feeling that pain ever again, Batman has become a paranoid king of preparation and training. If Bruce Wayne was aware that Flash was unnecessarily throwing Wallace into the field and pushing him to use an ability he clearly hasn’t mastered, he would be absolutely furious. Regardless of Wally’s superspeed, and even regardless of whether Wallace’s phasing was successful, the sheer idea of Wally putting Kid Flash and others at risk would be enough for Batman to physically put Flash in his place.

Wally is lucky that Wallace was able to successfully phase through the prison walls, but he’s even luckier that Bruce wasn’t made aware of it. If Batman knew that the Flash was knowingly placing his sidekick at such serious risk - neglecting his training in favor of experimentation in the field - he’d put a stop to it by any means necessary.

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