Hulk Proves Mjolnir's 'Unliftable' Enchantment Is Basically Meaningless

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Hulk’s two escapes from underneath Mjolnir, Thor’s unliftable hammer, prove that the enchantment isn’t so cool when there are ways around it.


Warning! Spoilers for Hulk #7 and Hulk vs. Thor: Banner of War Alpha #1 ahead!

Mjolnir can’t be lifted by the unworthy, and Thor takes great pleasure in using this to his advantage, especially against Hulk, who can’t otherwise be easily pinned. However, Hulk has now bested the hammer’s enchantment not once, but twice. 

Placing Mjolnir on someone’s chest and walking away is one of Thor’s signature moves. He uses it constantly, both as a tactical move to pin his opponents and as a means of humiliating an enemy who has particularly annoyed him. The move even made it into Thor’s first MCU movie when he pinned Loki on the Rainbow Bridge (and as we all know, Loki is good at annoying people). Most of the time, this tactic takes Thor’s adversaries out of the equation and allows him to take care of business elsewhere, although as Hulk has proven twice now, it’s not completely foolproof.

In Hulk #7, written by Donny Cates with art by Martin Coccolo, Hulk manages to break free from Mjolnir. Odin, whose soul is currently inside Mjolnir, decides to trap Hulk in hopes of speaking to Bruce Banner. What he doesn’t expect is for Hulk’s fury to burn so brightly that it literally detonates. His rage at being pinned burns the ground around him, and Hulk eventually explodes with the force of three thousand gamma bombs, effectively escaping Mjolnir. Additionally, in Hulk vs. Thor: Banner of War Alpha #1, also written by Donny Cates with art by Martin Coccolo, Hulk’s hardcore decision to push against Mjolnir allows him to escape; Mjolnir tears straight through his body, but Hulk is well aware that he’ll be able to heal.

Hulk detonates around Mjolnir
Hulk breaks free from Mjolnir

Hulk’s multiple escapes from Mjolnir’s clutches prove that perhaps Thor’s favorite move isn’t as effective as he thought it was. Mjolnir may technically be unliftable, but there are numerous ways to work around that enchantment. Hulk is able to find multiple ways out from underneath Mjolnir, so who’s to say that someone much smarter - say, Tony Stark - wouldn’t be able to break free just as easily? It becomes alarmingly clear that Thor’s humiliating tactic is actually meaningless when someone with Hulk’s level of intelligence is able to find those loopholes.

Thor might have to take time to replenish his arsenal with new and improved moves, since the old ones clearly aren’t packing the same punch as they did before. Until then, Thor will just have to find other ways to effectively take down Hulk, since pinning him with Mjolnir is clearly off the table.

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