Green Lantern's Origin Exposes the Biggest Ever Secret in DC Lore

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The Guardians ruled for eons under the pretense that life began on their world, but the true origin of life is hidden within Green Lantern’s origin.

The Guardians of the Universe are dedicated to keeping the peace across the universe, but this doesn’t mean they don’t have their secrets. Although the Guardians tried to keep it confidential, the truth about the beginning of life itself is hidden in plain sight within Green Lantern’s origin story.

The Guardians of the Universe are immortal and are the oldest living beings in the universe. For eons, they proclaimed that they had witnessed the creation of life itself, and that this creation had occurred on their home planet; thus, this gave them the right to assume authority in universal disputes. As the overseers of the Green Lantern Corps, they are dedicated to maintaining peace and order throughout the universe and use the Green Lanterns to enforce these ideals.

However, Blackest Night #7, written by Geoff Johns with art by Ivan Reis, reveals that the Guardians upheld their authority by perpetuating the oldest lie in the universe. Nekron, the embodiment of death and the founder of the Black Lantern Corps, uses the blood of a slain Guardian to release a being made of pure white light from Earth’s core. Ganthet, a Guardian, reluctantly tells Hal Jordan that it is the Entity, the “living light bestowed upon this universe that triggered existence itself.” He then reveals that while the Guardians are the oldest living beings, life did not begin on their home world, but rather on Earth. They hid this truth to keep the Entity protected, and they deliberately refused to choose Green Lanterns from Earth so as to not draw attention to the planet. Sinestro realizes that Abin Sur must have discovered this, and that's why he chose to bequeath his ring to an Earthman, seemingly hoping it would help uncover the conspiracy.

This reveal flips everything that was previously assumed about the DC universe as a whole on its head. It also adds a brand new context to Hal Jordan’s origin story. An alien’s random crash on Earth that led to the most powerful Lantern ever in Hal Jordan wasn’t a coincidence. Rather, Abin Sur’s crash was a knowing breach of an ancient rule designed to prevent anyone learning the truth about Earth's pre-eminent place in the galaxy as the home of champions of life.

The Guardians’ attempts to prevent humans from becoming Green Lanterns may have worked initially, but it certainly failed overall, with numerous humans following in Hal Jordan’s footsteps and taking the oath. Regardless, the hidden truth about the origin of life forever changed the history of both the DC universe and Green Lantern.

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