Nightwing’s Brutal New Team Confirms the One Arrowverse Villain He Admires

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Nightwing’s new vampire team is terrorizing the remaining humans in DC vs. Vampires, and one unexpected Arrowverse villain is standing pride of place.

Nightwing with arrowverse villains

Warning: contains spoilers for DC vs Vampires #7!

The world of DC vs Vampires has been decimated by the vampires’ brutal conquest, which is led by none other than Nightwing. His chosen team of vampires is full of super-powered individuals, but perhaps the most noteworthy inclusion is a villain who'll be particularly familiar to fans of DC's Arrowverse.

In DC vs Vampires #7, the newly crowned Vampire King Nightwing’s all-star lineup of vampires is revealed. Although the majority of the Justice League has either been corrupted or killed by now, Dick Grayson’s hand-picked personal vampire guard includes the likes of Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, Hawkman, Hawkgirl… and Gorilla Grodd.

In comic continuity, Grodd led life as an everyday ape until a spaceship crashed in his home, granting him and his tribe extraordinary intelligence and psychic powers. He usually matches up against Flash, and even though his numerous attempts to wipe out humanity have failed, a few have gotten frighteningly close to succeeding. Grodd’s brilliance, telepathy, and telekinesis make him an undeniable threat to whoever he faces. Despite this, his gorilla design often means he's not taken seriously as a threat, but it turns out Nightwing considers him an A-list metahuman who should stand alongside the likes of the former Justice League. The issue is written by Matthew Rosenberg and James Tynion IV with art by Otto Schmidt.

Nightwing vampire team gorilla grodd

Gorilla Grodd’s inclusion is notable for a few reasons. First, he’s the only member of the lineup that operated exclusively as a villain prior to his corruption. Every other chosen vampire is a former member of the Justice League, except for him. Additionally, Grodd wasn’t chosen merely for his brute strength (although he also has that in spades). Superman and Wonder Woman on their own provide plenty of muscle. Rather, Grodd was chosen for his mind, which adds a new dimension to the team that no one else can provide. Only someone like Martian Manhunter, who hasn’t been turned, could rival Grodd’s psychic might. Unlike Nightwing’s other allies, Dick holds no personal ties to Grodd, showing that he's earned his place purely out of respect for his powers.

As of yet, DC fans haven’t gotten to see the full team working together, but it's clear that Grodd is central to Dick's plans for the human race. Hopefully readers will soon be able to witness Nightwing’s top-tier lineup of vampires in action, with Gorilla Grodd - the last Arrowverse villain anyone would expect to become a top-tier vampire - providing a crucial psychic dimension to their attack.

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