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Wolverine Admits the One Fantastic Four Hero Whose Powers Scare Him

When Wolverine takes on heroes, it doesn’t end well for his opponent. But when he faces the Fantastic Four, he’s only nervous to fight one member.


Invisible Woman's New Power Is Too Perfect for Fantastic Four To Ignore

Fantastic Four writer Dan Slott reveals an unwritten story turns the Invisible Woman into a trained assassin with the perfect new superpower.

Invisible Woman's Most Epic Kill Proves She's Marvel's Strongest Hero

The Invisible Woman Sue Storm is usually recognized as the strongest member of the Fantastic Four, but she is also Marvel Comics' strongest hero.

Marvel's version of Die Hard will be Invisible Woman's best story.

Marvel's Take on Die Hard Promises Invisible Woman's Best Story

Marvel's Invisible Woman, AKA Susan Storm, is one of the least appreciated super-women in comics, but a new Die Hard-inspired comic may change that.

Deadpool and Sue Storm from Fantastic Four

Deadpool's Fantastic Four Team-Up Gave Him the Perfect New 'Power'

Deadpool's team-ups rarely go as planned, but his recent one with Susan Storm led him to gain an incredibly fun ability he couldn't have without her.

Invisible Woman Fantastic Four

Invisible Woman Body Paint Cosplay Showcases Most Underrated Superpower

A new Invisible Woman cosplay from Melissa Croft pays tribute to the Fantastic Four's underrated powerhouse, as Susan Storm prepares for battle.

Invisible Woman Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four's Most Powerful Member Has Been Wasted by Marvel

Invisible Woman is the most powerful member of the Fantastic Four and though her powers have evolved, Marvel still needs to evolve her character.

Hotel Transylvania universal monsters

How Hotel Transylvania's Monsters Compare To Universal's

The Hotel Transylvania movies adapt a slew of Universal’s Classic Monsters, but how do the animated characters compare to their classic counterparts?

Upcoming Universal Monster Movies wolfman Bride of Frankenstein Frankenstein

Every Upcoming Universal Monster Movie (& Which Were Canceled)

After a rough start with the Dark Universe, Universal is finally reviving its classic monsters. Here a look at every upcoming and canceled film.

Stan Lee Jack Kirby Wedding Doctor Doom

Even Stan Lee & Jack Kirby Tried To Stop Marvel's Weirdest Wedding

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby appeared in Fantastic Four #27 threatening its creative team over the decision to marry Invisible Woman to Doctor Doom!

Thing Fantastic Four Change

Fantastic Four Just Made the Perfect Change to the Thing's Origin

As far as superhero names go, the Thing isn't exactly complimentary, but Marvel just gave the moniker a much more appropriate origin.

Mummy 1999 brendan Fraser perfect template failed dark Universe

The Mummy 1999 Was The Perfect Template For Universal's Failed Dark Universe

2017's The Mummy flopped, but 1999's The Mummy is proof that the Dark Universe could have combined horror and action into blockbuster perfection.

New Exiles 2

X-Men: The Weirdest Version of Gambit Just Returned to Battle Doctor Doom

Chris Claremont brings back an obscure version of Gambit from a different Earth for a showdown between the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom.

Invisible Woman Cover Suitors

Fantastic Four: The Invisible Woman Saved New York With A Kiss

The Fantastic Four have saved the entire world countless times, but only the Invisible Woman was able to save New York with a kiss.

The Invisible Woman uses her powers in Marvel Comics

The Invisible Woman Just Received A Power Cosmic Upgrade

The Fantastic Four have new powers and costumes, with the Power Cosmic expanding their existing abilities beyond what fans thought possible.

Astro City Asks, What if The Fantastic Four Raised The Teen Titans?

What if the Fantastic Four's kids grew up and became the Teen Titans? The answer is Astro City's First Family, the multi-generational heroes.

Universal Monsters

Every Dark Universe Movie Releasing After The Invisible Man

Leigh Whannell's The Invisible Man is only the beginning of reboot movies to stem from the Dark Universe: it's time for more classic monsters.