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She-Hulk is getting her own series on Disney+ with She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, and she is shown to be wearing a variety of outfits, which is a trait she shares with her comic book counterpart. In Marvel comics, Jen Walters has worn a plethora of uniforms and costumes since her debut in 1980.

These different styles range from casual outfits to her business attire to multiple superhero uniforms that she always sports. She-Hulk has always been one of the more fashionable superheroes from Marvel, but which looks stand out above the others?

Savage Rags

She-Hulk slamming her fists down in The Savage She-Hulk #4

The outfit that Jen Walters sported in her first appearance when she first debuted as the Savage She-Hulk. The tattered white suit gives her an edgy appearance similar to her cousin's while still standing out on its own with the white, a color that would carry into most of her future outfits.

Marvel would even return to this classic design for She-Hulk every now and then, especially when She-Hulk returned to her savage roots in the late 2010s.

Immortal She-Hulk

Split image of Jen Walters in her superhero suit in Immortal She-Hulk

With this design, Marvel finally had She-Hulk live up to the "Hulk" part of her title. It's not often that female superheroes are given muscular physiques, but Marvel embraced it, showing more representation for built women in the world; similar to Luisa Madrigal from Disney's Encanto.

On top of that, the Immortal She-Hulk was given an armored halter top and shorts that give her the appearance of a martial artist similar to an MMA fighter. Though this version of Jen would end up being short-lived, it was a refreshing take on the character.

Fantastic She-Hulk

Split image of She-Hulk as part of the Fantastic Four in Marvel comics and Fantastic Four World's Greatest Heroes

John Byrne was not only a great Fantastic Four writer, but he revamped She-Hulk for the better too, giving her more character depth and even breaking the fourth wall before Deadpool did. So fans can also thank John Byrne for bringing the two together by making She-Hulk temporarily a Fantastic Four member.

The blue and white color scheme of Marvel's first family really worked for She-Hulk and she has since been an honorary member of the Fantastic Four to fans, even after she left. This design was updated to be even better when Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes adapted her short tenure with the Fantastic Four.

Law & Disorder Suit

Split image of She-Hulk performing good deeds in the 2014 She-Hulk series

For decades, She-Hulk went without having some kind of symbol or insignia to represent her. The often overlooked Charles Soule run of She-Hulk attempted to change this. Not only was she given a big "S" symbol, but She-Hulk was given a new suit that gave her a more classic superhero look.

This makes sense since at this point, Jen Walters was a fully-fledged Avenger and she completely embraced that superhero role. She was also the head of her own law firm in this series, forcing her to have an identity that stood out. It was a nice redesign for the character that fit the artwork of the series, but like most suits for Jen, it didn't last forever.

A-Force Suit

She-Hulk in A-Force cover Marvel Comics.

Leading an all-female team of superheroes known as A-Force, She-Hulk wore a new suit that stuck to the same vein as her classic John Byrne era design. She has a high white collar, white belt, gloves, and boots with a purple body suit, similar to her dark blue suit from the Byrne era.

It's a prime example of a familiar but fresh design; tributing her past whilst embracing her more modern looks. The same can be said for most of A-Force when they debuted: Rogue, Medusa, and Elektra all resembled their old designs, bringing a sense of nostalgia to the comic.

Sensational She-Hulk

Split image of She-Hulk in various looks from the Sensational She-Hulk run

John Byrne's Sensational She-Hulk gave the character new life, but she never really had a set look. Much like Bruce Banner, Jen Walters wore regular clothes that tore apart due to the transformation. Since Jen Walters is almost always wearing something stylish, she essentially became a green supermodel with a tattered wardrobe.

However, one outfit would become the most famous, and that is the blue unitard with a white high collar that gave her a classic superhero appearance. This design would end up being the basis for her Fantastic Four suit and has since been homaged across different comics and forms of media.

New Life, New Suit

Split image of Jen Walters in her new pink outfit in the 2022 She-Hulk comic run

The new 2022 comic series shows Jen Walters starting fresh as a lawyer, superhero, and woman living on her own. As a result, readers see her often in her civilian attire, including a new fashionable suit that shows off her elegance as it does give her a more down to Earth design.

She's able to fight in it as well as live a more regular life ( or as regular as a jade giantess' life can get) as she starts fresh. The new comic series is filled with multiple stylish outfits for Jen, but this one stands out from the rest, especially since it appears on every cover.

Jen Walters: Attorney At Law

Split image of She-Hulk in her lawyer attire in different She-Hulk comics

As much as Jen is a fun superhero, she's always a great lawyer that rivals the likes of Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil too. Even with super strength and green skin, she fully embraces her She-Hulk side in the courtroom. So she sports different business suits that are just as iconic as her superhero attire.

Across the multiple runs, She-Hulk has worn multiple outfits that give her a respectable look but still work surprisingly well if she has to break into superhero work. These different styles are so beloved that they are even being brought to life with the new She-Hulk Disney+ series.

Signature She-Hulk

She-Hulk in Marvel comics

This suit was made popular with the 2004 Dan Slott run which gave She-Hulk a new superhero suit that would be the basis for most She-Hulk suits to come. It keeps the white that she has rocked since her debut but also embraces the purple that her cousin was known for.

After the Dan Slott run, which became a go-to comic for all She-Hulk readers, helped turn She-Hulk into a modern icon, this look would be a template for most She-Hulk designs in other comics, animation, and even Tatiana Maslany's portrayal. The green mixed with the white and purple just bounce off the page of a comic and give her a dynamic yet beautiful look.

Bounty Hunter She-Hulk

She-Hulk in her bounty hunter outfit in She-Hulk 2005

It's fascinating how one small change can make something even better. The white and purple onesie is effective, but this design gives Jen Walters a pair of jeans with some tactical gear to give her a more modern superhero look. It was first introduced in Dan Slott's follow-up run with She-Hulk #22 in 2005 when she became a bounty hunter.

It's a bit more casual in design but has enough going for it with the belt, tactical boots, and other additions to become an iconic look for She-Hulk. For many years, this is essentially what many fans expected an MCU She-Hulk to look like, and there is a chance fans will see something like this in She-Hulk: Attorney At Law.

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